Flowered cupcake

Flowered cupcake

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Supernatural Blues

This weekend I made a birthday cake for a friend. She is a big fan of the show Supernatural, so her hubby and I decided a Supernatural cake was in order. I looked online for a few design ideas and I found one I couldn't pass up. I found it Here at Cake Central. This is how it came out:

If you followed the link you will notice that it is pretty much the same cake. My frosting was different, so it was piped on. I was a bit disappointed that the black frosting bled a bit (likely because of heat and humidity) so it all had a purple halo around it, but the birthday girl said she liked it so it worked.

I wanted to try something new and was hoping after seeing some pretty blue cakes on Pinterest I could find a way to do a blueberry cake. Turns out she loves blueberry so it was on. I wasn't impressed with any recipe I found so I decided to make it up.

Again, I used cake mix. I used a box of white cake mix (this one was generic). Instead of water I used blueberry liquid. I bought a can of blueberries (I would have gone with fresh but I had to shop ahead by two weeks). I liquefied about 2/3 of it in the blender and amazingly enough it gave me the exact amount of liquid.

After mixing it I was hoping for a bright blue or purple color but it was a little gray-ish.

After baking it up in 2 square pans I put the last blueberries from the can in between the layers (after squishing each one) with a little frosting.

The most time consuming part of this was cutting out the image.  I took the image and expanded it, which is a miracle considering my limited computer skills, and printed it off. Then I used an exacto knife to cut out all of the black parts just like a pumpkin stencil. I laid the stencil on the cake, which I had already frosted with the white base, and I traced around it all with a toothpick. From there it was simply filling in with the black frosting and adding a few accents like a border.

The catch phrase from the previous scenes in the show is "The Road So Far" so I decided it would be a great thing to include on the side.

It ended up tasting great. I kept telling my husband it tasted like a 'Mother f-ing muffin'.

Please feel free to post any questions or comments, especially if I forgot to include a step or any other vital info!


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  2. I have to apologize to Megan Ryan, I am still trying to figure out this technology thingie and I erased her comment by mistake. And my dumb luck it was an awesome compliment. I may have to make you cake, my friend!