Flowered cupcake

Flowered cupcake

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

An homage to the HoHo

Oh, the HoHo. I already miss it, along with all of the other delicious Hostess offerings! What better way to pay tribute to the HoHo than to make a giant one? At least for cake people it's the best way. And no, the other brands are not the same thing!

Now, this came about because I was talking with a friend who wanted to bring something to her family's get together for Christmas. I'm not 100% sure who said HoHo or why, but the word HoHo came out of some one's mouth. Teresa then said, "It would be great if you could make a big cake like a HoHo, wouldn't it?"

Challenge accepted.

I said "Hang on, lemme check Pinterest." Because we all know that if it's on Pinterest it's totally possible! Yes, there was a recipe for such a cake. "Yep, you're gettin' a HoHo cake. Let's do this!" And off I went to the store to stock up on butter and cocoa and also some household things like cheese and soup (cause it's winter and soup is on sale) and oatmeal and yogurt and chicken and hot dogs and, well, everything else I needed because, let's face it, it makes no sense to go to the store for 2 things when you need so much more! Wait. Where was I?.. Oh, right, cake.

Now, the recipe I used can be found here. I did everything the way this blogger did for the first go round, and let me tell you, things got interesting...

Yeah. I made the batter. I poured it in the pan, prepared as instructed. I baked, I let it cool, and I made the filling. When I unrolled my cooled cake it did this. So I spread on the filling and cursed myself for waiting until 5 hours before the cake was needed to even begin my project. Oh well. I rolled it up as best I could and then it was all like:

I suppose it could have been worse. Bonus: I was going to be coating it in chocolate, so whatever! I made the icing in a pot on the stove and poured that chocolaty goodness all over that thing! It did cool quickly, so I had to really work to get the cake covered nicely. Then I thought 'who needs nice and pretty? This is a mother-lovin' HoHo Cake! Who cares what it looks like?'

I'm told it was delicious. Though I'm not sure if it actually tasted like a HoHo or not. Oh well, it was still really cool!

Finished product... Note the big crack in the top. I ended up sticking a few toothpicks along side it on either side just to stabilize it for transport! Still, though, I mean, come on! HoHos!!!

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